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Searching For A Better Car

What To Know About Jump Starting Your Car

Savannah Wilson

There's nothing worse than starting your car to go to work and all you hear is a clicking or whining noise that signals a dead battery. A car battery can die for a number of reasons. A common reason your car won't start is an old battery, but other things could be to blame too. Maybe you left the lights on overnight, or perhaps the temperature dropped so low it strained the battery. In any case, if your battery is dead, your car isn't going anywhere unless you get a jump start. Here are some things to know about jump starting your car.

Keep Jumper Cables In The Trunk

It's best to be prepared for circumstances like this by having jumper cables on hand. If you have two vehicles, you can jump start the bad battery by using the battery in your other car. If you don't have a second vehicle, you might get a jump from a friend or neighbor who lives nearby. Since it's possible to damage a car if you don't jump start it correctly, you may have a hard time finding someone willing to loan his or her car. So to be fully prepared when you don't have a second vehicle, you may want to invest in a portable jump starter to keep with your cables. If you decide to keep jumper cables on hand, be sure you know how to use them properly or they won't do any good when your battery dies. Even worse, you might harm the battery or your engine if you hook up the cables wrong.

Call A Jump Start Service

If you're not comfortable with using jumper cables or if you don't have access to a second vehicle, then the quickest and easiest way to get your car going is to call a mobile jump start service. A truck comes to your location and jumps the battery so you can get on the road. The battery may need to charge a couple of minutes before you can take off, but the procedure is fast and simple when it is done by a pro. It's a matter of connecting the positive and negative terminals of two batteries so the electrical flow from the good power source flows into your weak battery and recharges it enough to turn over the car engine.

Have The Battery Checked

It's important to note that jumping the battery may not be a permanent fix. If the battery is drained because of the cold weather or because you left the lights on, then it might be possible to recharge it and have no further trouble. However, if the battery is dead because it's damaged or old, then as soon as you turn your car off, the problem will happen again. Therefore, it's a good idea to have your battery checked as soon as you're mobile again to find out if you need to replace it. Once your battery has been jumped and the engine is on, the alternator keeps your car running so your car is safe to drive. You'll probably want to go straight to a shop to have the battery checked unless the mobile jump start service also sells and installs batteries on the spot.

Before you do anything, especially a DIY jump start, be sure to check your car's manual to find out how to jump start the model you own. If you have a newer car, the manufacturer may even recommend you don't use jumper cables and try to start the car yourself. If you have any question about jumping your car or if you have concerns about doing it safely, then call a service like R & R Towing for your peace of mind.