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Searching For A Better Car

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Searching For A Better Car

Creative Uses For Your Old Truck Tires

Savannah Wilson

When it's time to replace the tires on your truck, you may be wondering what you can do with your old ones. While it's easy enough to have a tire shop recycle them, you might be surprised to find out all of the things you can do with them on your own. Beyond the traditional tire swing, here are several unique options for things that you can do with your old truck tires to put them to good use.


If you have young kids and you want to give them a unique sandbox to play in, you can lay a tire flat on the ground and fill the opening with play sand for your kids to play in. This is particularly great if you're replacing large diameter tires as they have more space in the opening. You can even paint roadways on the upper surface so that your kids can play with tow trucks, backhoes, and similar toy trucks in the sandbox and along the surface of the tire.


Tires are great for planting in, but you'll want to plant flowers, not any kind of produce. You can either dig a recessed space and partially bury the tire in the ground, hang it for climbing vines, or even stack several and paint them to create deeper planting spaces for larger plants. If you stack them, bolt them together by punching holes through the rubber so that you can keep them stacked together. Also, make sure you fill the inner ring of the lowest one with the planting medium to anchor it down so that it doesn't fall or shift.

Exercise Areas

If you've ever seen the football conditioning fields with the tires staggered and roped together, you know how great these can be for workouts. If you have a large backyard and you're looking for some toning and conditioning equipment, this is a great way to make use of old tires. Get some extras in other sizes to help you with variety.

Garage Furniture

If you use your garage as a workspace, what better way to create tables than to use old tires? You can stack two together, bolt them as you would for planters, then put a wood panel or something similar on the top to create small tables, or create two stacks of tires and use a longer board to create a workbench.

Don't just discard your old tires. Get creative and make them work for you!