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Searching For A Better Car

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Searching For A Better Car

Why Your Car Might Not Start Suddenly After an Accident

Savannah Wilson

After your car has been damaged in a collision, you may notice that the engine does not work as well as it used to, even after repairs. It may be more difficult to get your car to start. You may smell a lot of oil and your car may be overheating. So what's wrong with your car and what can be done about it?

Oil Leaks

Modern cars are designed to detect when the oil levels are low and are designed to prevent the car from starting. This helps protect it from damage. The oil leaks are most likely the result of a failed seal or gasket.

Compression Issues

In order to determine what is wrong with your engine, it is recommended that you purchase a compression tester. This is a gauge that has a hose attached to the end. Pull your spark plug wire first. Thread the fitting into the spark plug hole. Then, turn your engine over with a key. If the test shows that you have more than 100 PSI, it should fire. Also, the cylinders should have uniformity. If one of the cylinders differs by 40 PSI, that means there is likely something wrong.

Low Compression

If you have low compression, this most often means that there is a mechanical problem with your engine. Sometimes, it is a simple problem such as a stuck valve. There might be a timing chain that skipped a tooth. The spark plug might simply not be in there all the way. There are also components that tend to wear out over time, leading to a loss of compression.

Fortunately, you can use the compression test to determine if the problem is resulting from problems with the piston rings by adding oil to the cylinders.This plugs up the pistons and will increase the compression. If this works, you may need to have your piston rings replaced. Another possible problem is a cracked valve. The cracked valve can sometimes be seen through the sparkplug hole using a borescope.

Schedule An Appointment with a Mechanic

When your car is not starting, it is best to have your car taken to a mechanic. While you may be able to diagnose what the problem is yourself, a technician will be able to diagnose the problem more quickly and will be able to perform repairs that will make sure that your car is able to get back on the road again with no issues. To learn more, contact services like Accurate Auto Body.