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Searching For A Better Car

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Searching For A Better Car

3 Things You Need To Consider Before Hauling Anything With An Oversized Vehicle

Savannah Wilson

As a business owner in the contracting field, you might find yourself in the position where you need to haul large equipment or building materials. Because of the size of everything, including the truck or flatbed itself, you will need to make sure that you are taking the following tips into consideration. This way, you will stay within the limits of the law, everyone will remain safe, and you will be able to get everything to the location it needs to be at in order to complete your work.

Figure Out If Your Vehicle Load Will Really Be Considered Oversized

There are generally two weight limits that you need to adhere to. There is the total weight limit that consists of your vehicle and load weight. Then there is the per-axle weight limit. You could find that the total weight limit is not an issue, but that you are still considered to have an oversized or overweight vehicle because of the weight on one or more axles. To know the exact weight limits in your area, you will need to get in touch with the transportation authorities.

Find Out What You Need In Terms Of Escorts

The exact rules for the number of escorts will vary depending on the size of your vehicle and the local laws. In some areas, you might be required to have more vehicle escorts than in other states. Also, depending on your state laws, you might only be required to have those vehicle escorts at certain times of the day. For example, you might not be required to use them if you will only be on the road over night, but as the morning approaches and more traffic will be on the road, you will need the vehicle escorts. This is so they can alert the other drivers on the road of your presence, as this can help reduce the number of accidents.

You Will Need Special Markers

It is important to make sure that you have all of the special markers on the oversized vehicle that you are driving. The exact markers that you will need to have placed on the oversized vehicle will vary from one state to the next. For example, you might need flashers or large red triangle markers, and they will need to be placed in specific areas of the vehicle in order to ensure that they are able to be seen by everyone. Your transportation authority office will be able to give you clear instructions as to what their requirements are.

When you make sure to take all of those points into consideration, you will have a much easier time getting your heavy equipment or materials from one point to the next. Companies like Central Permits, Inc. can help you determine what other things you should address.